the story of the evolution of CM logo

I realized today I had never explained here the evolution of Cozy Memories logo. If you've known me or Cozy Memories for a while, you may remember that it's not always been like the current one.

The original logo was created in May 2011, after rethinking the previous logo that looked a bit too much like an existing logo. (heart inside home, Habitat logo) The logo was made (well, is still made) of a big drop, representing the dyeing liquid or substance, and inside is a branch of laurestine / Viburnum tinus, which is a plant (growing wild & abundantly here) that I had used in my early dyeing days. See below for the plant & its results back then :

See ? The drupes (the berries) are themselves drop shaped, and of a glorious, luxurious metallic blue ! Stunning little things I must say.

So ... I made the original logo in May 2011, on the computer exclusively, drawn with a Wacom pen tablet & Paint Shop Pro (old school !) software. I loved it. But by the end of last year, I got tired of it, it was lacking of something, I thought. I tried to work out what was missing, and after a little introspection, I decided to carve it as a stamp, and since I am very much inspired by Japanese culture, I decided to make it look (vaguely) like a hanko seal/stamp (which you can see on calligraphy or sumi-e ink paintings) By carving it, at a small scale I must add too, it suddenly got the imperfect, more organic, wabi sabi look I was missing with the original logo. I am satisfied !

Red ink helped my logo being more visible, which was pretty important, given the year my business had been through last year. (there, I said it)

Looking back, I couldn't have made this (current) logo back in 2011, since I was not as interested in Japanese culture & aesthetics as I am now. This evolution has come after a couple of years of appreciation.

Now, my wrapping & branding feel more in synch with my aesthetics. There, now you know the story of the evolution of Cozy Memories logo !

Have a beautiful weekend everyone !