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Two days ago, I've had a memory coming back to mind. I remembered a place we've been for the last time in June 2011. (feels like ages ago) It's not too far from here, maybe 45mn away. I'm talking about the Bambouseraie de Prafrance, near the town of Anduze. (Gard, France) It's a private botanical garden specialized in bamboos. It contains one of Europe's oldest bamboo collections, established in 1856 by amateur botanist Eugène Mazel. Today the garden contains around 300 bamboo species and cultivars.

I'd love us to go back there during April's school vacations. There is a Japanese style garden there, with koi fishes, red maples, gingko biloba, and more ... and I'm really dreaming about this next day trip there ! In the meantime, I'll have to do with the photos I had taken in 2011 !

Has any of you already visited ?

 can you spot the robin ?

can you spot the robin ?

 This was a sculpture, it makes me think of a mushroom gills

This was a sculpture, it makes me think of a mushroom gills

These days, I feel I have more ideas than time. I won't complain because having ideas is great, and it should be appreciated & enjoyed when it happens !! I hope to have things to show you soon ! Until then, I hope you have a great rest of your week !



B A M B O U S E R A I E     D E    P R A F R A N C E
March 01st to November 16th - 9.30am to 7pm
552 rue de Montsauve, 30140 Générargues, France.
See their Website for more infos.