First shop update of the year !

A day late but the shop is open again, at long last ! Today's been an almost-non-stop-work-at-the-computer kind of day, sigh. Postal rates have changed over here in France, as of January 01st, therefore a massive headache inducing job of recalculating everything, for each & every item, and making things clear for everyone. And another massive job of editing each & every of the listings in the shop. And while I was at it, I also changed the layout & tweaked the html code. Oh and of course, I've added new items (necklaces) to the shop, so let's see ...

New shipping rates ! New shop policies ! New shop layout ! New necklaces ! Wow, that's quite a bunch of new at once ! (when you do something, better do it right, uh ?)

From left to right : "Turquoise & charcoal" / "Turquoise & golden wheat" / "Icy cold" / "Rosey" / "Marshmallow".

There are two of each necklace available. They are made of waxed cotton cord, thrifted tiny wooden beads (from Canada), and handmade ceramic beads. Some of the beads are made of raku ceramic, some are unglazed bisque (the whites & the charcoal ones), and the rest are regular ceramic. (if there is a "regular" type, that is) Some of the ceramic beads were made in South Africa (hand rolled by a group of young women from a disadvantaged rural community) and some were made in the United States. These slightly asymetric necklaces are just the right dose of color on a neutral or dark outfit. Oh, and they are adjustable thanks to two small sliding knots.

There is always transparency in what I make, and I think it is normal for you to know where these come from. That's also the reason why you always know what plant I used for my natural dyeing.

I highly recommend you to read the new shop policies page (which includes details about the shipping options) if you plan to make a purchase soon or later ! Actually, the shipping rates are slightly lower, and the options are rather clear. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me here from the blog (link up above) or from the shop contact form.

Now let me wish you all a beautiful & terrific start of the first week of the year !