magazines become envelopes

Not a new or complicated idea, simply re-purposing (or is it re-using ? or up-cycling ? I'm kind of lots !) magazine pages or spreads for making small (or tiny) envelopes. That's what I've done last week, and I'm posting this today because of my friend Monika's post about re-using Christmas cards to make (gift) tags.

I had bought a set of cardboard templates many years ago on Etsy. (almost 5 years ago, actually)


Small steps in the right directions are always welcome. It is so easy to find ways to re-use, re-purpose, up-cycle ! I'll be using these tiny envelope for orders from the shop. (btw, did you see I reopened the shop after its holiday break ? And that I have added new ceramic necklaces ? Everything's explained in the previous post)

Be well, friends.