new : the Agatha line

Well hello ! This week's shop update is brought to you by the infamous Agatha Christie & her books, and by the beautiful beautiful Bristish countryside.

These inspired me this new line in the shop : the AGATHA line. It is made of a combination of a woolen fabric with a cotton floral fabric. For this first addition to the line, I'm proposing you a storage bin, a flat & long pencil case, and a tall zipped pouch, all made with a herringbone (or sort of !) woolen fabric and a pretty light floral cotton fabric.

More to come hopefully, but just not this week ! Now, please excuse me, I think I can hear Hercule Poirot saying my name .....



PS : please don't forget that if you mean to order several items at the same time, it's preferable to contact me first so that I can get back to you with the proper shipping fees. Thank you !