week recap : October 9th-16th

This recap will reflect the change of the season. It was 25°C on Monday afternoon, and it was 3,5°C on Friday morning (today). Quite a difference, isn't it ?!

Last weekend we went to the beach ... (we didn't bath, but my youngest & hubby walked in the water & said it wasn't that cold)

But since last week, the flannel fitted sheets were put back, the winter jackets made their reappearance (and they look that they may be too small this year ...), the blankets on the sofa are in full use, and today the heat was turned on at last ! This cold spell may not last for long here, but I do enjoy it anyway !

The birds have felt the cold coming, and are eating all the European nettle tree fruits/drupes they can find. (and these trees are generally generous !). Pitou is cozie than ever, and the clementines/citrus season is making me ridiculously happy & cheerful !

This past week I also introduced a new line of homewares & accessories (if you missed it, it's here).

School (autumn) break starts tonight, and I'm longing to wake up without an alarmn most of the break (execpt the days hubby leaves at 5am for Paris, and the days we'll go on a getaway). But other than that, it should be rather busy. I have lots of things to scratch off my lists, work-wise and homemaking-wise.

Wishing you a lovely & colorful end of your week ! Thanks for stopping by !