low key & boring

Hello everyone. No shop update this week, I think I'm gearing toward a rhythm of 2 shop updates per month.

The boys are now on school break, and it's been pretty low key for days & days now. Nothing can explain that, but that's how it is. I'm feeling a bit confused by social medias these days, and some days I prefer to step back completely.

black swans I've seen today in Sommières

black swans I've seen today in Sommières

This blog of mine feels less interesting than it used to be (if it ever was), it's getting half the visitors it used to get a year ago only, which itself was half than the other years. At this rate, it will die on its own, and I don't want that. I know I've said that many many times, but to me, it's still a big deception.

My blog is not one of those blogs who hold giveaways (from a third part) to get more readership, more followers etc. I also don't offer tutorials, seems that there's nothing I can do that noone else cannot. It's not affiliated with anyone or anything. It just talks about my life & my business, and I guess both are getting boring to most everyone. Why am I so surprised ? Why am I so stupid, too ?!

Is there something that I'm missing ? Can anyone explain things to me ?

I'm sorry, I'm ranting over & over. Today's the 4th anniversary of my father's death, and I guess I see everything on the dark side. :( So many things can change in the matter of four years, that's just insane. Sounds like yesterday, feels like yesterday & a long time ago at the same time.

I apologize for a very boring blog post. I don't have anything (exciting) to share or to show.

Wishing you all a good middle of October. Be well.