week recap : September 26th - October 8th

It's been a couple of weeks since I last made a week recap. The following photos are mostly from the past week, though.

I'm seeing some kind of scheme in my week recap posts : food, Pitou, Cozy Memories, weather.

I'm so glad the citrus season is upon us, I had been craving clementines for weeks ! To think I used to hate them, that's quite hilarious to me ! These days, when I crave something sweet, I try to grab one, eat it slowly, and then intoxicate myself with the peels, smelling them & smelling them again & again, like free aromatherapy, like smelling sunshine !

clockwise from top left : colors !! / homemade chantilly cream / clementine / pomelos grapefruit with endives & cumin gouda cheese

My sweet Pitou, in all his cute splendor ! I love him so !

Still lives at home. Variable weather ...

clockwise from top left : I have re-labelled all of the available naturally dyed scarves in the shop, and it took me quite a while ! (but I'm glad it's done properly now) / I have been busy making for this week's shop update (see previous post) / I've decided to wrap the naturally dyed scarves in handmade cotton drawstring bags again (when parcel weight limit allows, that is, which is 99% of the time)

School autumn break will start in a week from now. Until then, and during the break, I shall be busy !!

Have a beautiful weekend ahead !