time flies ! (and free shipping for you !)

Oops, another four days have passed, times really does fly !

I'm still working on getting the activities for my boys' advent calendar. Last month my eldest (13 1/2) asked if I would have one this year, and of course I said yes, only if he & his brother both wanted it, and they both wanted it ! My heart swelled, I was so happy they still were up for it, so I'm still deciding what to do, and also when to do it. (school schedules, weekend etc)

Sunrise, some time last week

Sunrise, some time last week

I've also had my mind busy with lots of "future" talking. It's still very vague/unsure for me/us, so I can't say anything at all, but it's been one of those moments when fate brings you to some paths you hadn't planned or thought of, and you find yourself saying "why not ?". But what I can say already is that it's been using most of my thoughts, in a way or another.

And a consequence of this blurry messy business, is that I'm on a crusade to own less, to downsize our belongings to what we use & love. (and some things from the past, but not too many) It feels like I've said that a million or a trillion times, but as you know, life happens, and I don't spend hours & hours each day doing so. Ugh !!

Morning bird - with plane tracks in the background ...

Morning bird - with plane tracks in the background ...

All this has kept me (wanting it or not) away from creating for the shop. With December coming up, the Advent Calendar activities every day, and Christmas, I doubt there will be anything new in the shop before the new year.

But ! The shop is still chockful of lovely gift ideas, some smaller than others, for ladies, for guys, for the teens, or for the fully grown ups ! And there is still time (until Sunday maximum) for me to ship (in time for Christmas) for the USA, Canada, Australia ... etc.

And as an early gift ...

Yay ! Isn't that wonderful ?! I hope you will have a look at the shop ! Now, have a lovely rest of your day ! Thanks for your visit !