on this last day of November

Boy, never a month of November felt so long & so full. The Paris attacks sure didn't help, but I've felt pretty busy & overwhelmed while also feeling organized.

I've managed to get the Advent Calendar ready for my boys tomorrow & this took pretty much some time (and thoughts too !) this month. I also took care of some birthday gifts (both the ideas & getting them), and most of Christmas presents too. (some are already wrapped too !) I felt quite well organized.

I've also been four times at the podiatrist (?) and got three sessions of soft laser done to my left side foot. (don't worry it's pain-free) The pain is more or less always here, almost nothing when I'm home & it increases considerably when I get out of my building. Oh well.

We've been to the cinema several times, to the restaurant just as much. The terrorist attacks reminded us very strongly to live our lives to the fullest, and this month it was like that.

I will try to make a blog post tomorrow about the advent calendar (this year & past years) ... as you could see, I wasn't in the mood for blogging, and I realize now that my last post was a week ago.

Before I go, just a little reminder that there is still time to place an order in you live in Europe & get it in time for Christmas. (until Sunday)

Thank you so much for stopping by. I need to catch up with you all. How have you been doing ?