this and that Friday

Again, no week recap post, I'm sorry, they're taking a bit of time to put together, and again this week, time's not on my side. (apparently) So today's post will be a mix of lots of things !

Celtis australis (European nettle tree / Micocoulier) facing our kitchen window, still full of leaves & drupes (berries)

Celtis australis (European nettle tree / Micocoulier) facing our kitchen window, still full of leaves & drupes (berries)

👖👕 After most of the week being rainy, stormy, muggy, I could finally have two proper loads of laundry washed AND dried (no outdoor, no balcony, no drier), which was kind of a relief. (laundry for 4 does pile up fast)

📦 Offline things to do (like bringing lots of things from my mom's garage to charity or helping my mother in law to clear, clean, organize some things in her garage) have kept me away from the blog, Twitter & most social medias. Posting this blog post almost feels like a victory this week.

☔️ ☀️ I want to wear scarves, knitted hats, mittens & layers layer layers ... but it's way too warm !! We're November 05th, for goodness sake, and it was up to 24°C (75°F) - though with 100% humidity ! - today & it just doesn't feel right, at all !

🎄 That warmth doesn't put me in the Christmas mood at all, though I really need to get going, because it'll be December in three weeks ! I need to put up activities for my boys for their Advent Calendar. I'm well aware that they're 11 & 13 this year, but they're still happy to have it done. I only have to adapt it to their age(s), their willingness to do something crafty, their school schedules (and my eldest will be away on the last week before Christmas school holidays) ... in a word, I really have to scratch my head for finding suitable ideas this year. I guess it was easier when they were younger !

🏠 I've moved my youngest son's bedroom furniture around. His bedroom allows me to use three of the four walls. Since it is roomy, we've already used several configurations, and they all seemed great. That happened yesterday morning, and was a bunch of work on my own. (unloading shelves, cleaning shelves & dusting books & toys, vaccuuming, moving everything around, putting everything back after a little sorting out) He's very happy with the way it looks now (so am I), so that's all that matters. (plus, it was a good work out !)

📺 Hubby & I watched Julie & Julia yesterday. We had never watched it, I wonder why ! This weekend we'll be watching the first episode of season 4 of Elementary (which was released yesterday - Elementary fans over here ?) And I'm getting very much excited to go to the cinema next week to go watch SPECTRE (Daniel Craig is errr .... mmmmm)

📷 I have so many photos from our 2-day trip last week, though I have clearly failed sharing them here, ugh. Next week, I do hope. (otherwise, they're all on Instagram)

I wish you all a beautiful & restful weekend ! Thanks a lot for your visit today ! Be well !