advent calendar 2015 - day 1

It has started ! The advent calendar (or rather, a countdown to Christmas day) for my boys has begun today ! It was much fun to prepare it for them this year once again !

As you can see, I have used the little pouches I sewed last year, mainly because on extra busy days at school (like Tuesdays are), they will get something sweet to eat instead of a time consuming activity. Therefore I needed little bags that could contain these chocolates. I displayed them in a spiral, in a brass dish from Morocco.

I bet you'd like to know what the activities will be, so here is the list !

  1. chocolate to eat (and starting to decorate the tree)
  2. make self-drying clay ornaments for the tree
  3. make chocolates
  4. set up their personal mini (wooden) Christmas tree & decorate it (that's a surprise)
  5. bake a pastry puff Christmas tree (or another shape) ike this one
  6. make a gingerbread looking cardboard house for Pitou
  7. eat by candlelight
  8. chocolate to eat
  9. gold (with gold leaf !) some of the ornaments from previous week
  10. make chocolates
  11. take (silly ? cute ?) photos of us all together (Photo Booth or else)
  12. make decorations for the windows
  13. chemistry workshop with dad (well, hubby)
  14. bake a pizza & eat it !
  15. chocolate to eat
  16. make-a-flake
  17. drink a cup of cocoa with marshmallows
  18. chocolate to eat
  19. watch The Blue Carbuncle (with Jeremy Brett)
  20. go to the cinema & watch a film
  21. embroidery
  22. make mendiants
  23. go to the Christmas market (literally down the street) & get something to eat or to drink
  24. bake linzer cookies (like these

From the 14th to the 18th, my eldest won't be home, he'll be at my inlaws', but I will prepare the same activities/chocolates for him, so he won't miss a thing.

Yes we love chocolate (we never buy any holiday chocolates from the shops, and make our own, with organic/fairtrade chocolate), and all the cakes/biscuits we'll bake will be the next day's breakfast. (killing two birds with one stone, so to speak - ugly saying by the way-)

I will share photos & details as often as I'll be able to. But life happens (right ?) and some days I'll post about two or three days at the same time.

So today was eating chocolates (see below) and starting to decorate the tree.

Weren't they adorable ? They didn't eat them all & shared with us, ah ! So sweet !

I was thinking of sharing a Christmas music everytime I'll be posting for the advent calendar, just for fun. (I know, cheesy but I don't care)

On an unrelated note, I'd like to tell you that there is still time for placing an order (before Sunday) and get it in time for Christmas, if you live in Europe. Naturally dyed scarves, zipped pouches, coasters, pincushions, ceramic necklaces, and more ! So many gift ideas for all budgets !

Be well ! And thanks a lot for your visit !