advent calendar 2015 - day 19 and day 20

Time flies ! We're almost at the end of our advent calendar already, boooh :( Yesterday's activity was a family tradition, and consisted in watching "The Blue Carbuncle" episode of Sherlock Holmes TV series. (1984, starring Jeremy Brett)

If you have never seen it, and if you love Sherlock Holmes stories or Jeremy Brett, then do yourself a favor and watch it. We almost could recite every line, we love it so !

Today's activity was going to the cinema. We went to the the only projection of a 1931 German movie "Emil and the Detectives". (Emil und die Detektive) Quite far from Star Wars, isn't it ?!

This is an extract, but the rest of the film is better

I don't know about the weather in your corner of the world, but over here it's been too mild, and really great. I wish it was cold & crisp !! Oh well !

Oh before I forgot : today Christmas song by Vince Guaraldi Trio, for a Charlie Brown Christmas !

Thank you for stopping by & reading ! Be well, everyone.