it's over

I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration, whatever celebrated. Christmas is over now, and since we've had our tree up since the 01st, we've had our share of holiday decoration (even though it's barely decorated) & I'm always in the mood for starting to take everything down, the day after Christmas day. Yes, call me crazy if you wish, I won't take it personally, really.

This year I haven't felt as in a festive mood as previous years, I know I'm not alone. But today I feel like a bit worn out, sad & bittersweet. You can't say it's like a Christmas post-partum, we celebrated so small that I almost don't see any difference with a regular family meal. Bah.

With hubby, we've talked about the possible turn of event (moving related, I mean) for 2016, and I'm quite disoriented. Many possibilities, none of them being sure ... I feel like I'm constantly living with a question mark in my head, instead of a brain. I feel like my mind is always  thinking about something related to the fact of getting out of here, it's such a destabilizing feeling.

I know, things could be worse, and some days I feel like I'm being ungrateful or too exigeant with my native region, but the more we live here, the more I feel like it won't be the most suitable place for us to keep on growing. Do you understand what I mean ? (I'm sorry I'm always bothering you all with my own personal thoughts & worries)

To make up for such an uninteresting post, I'm going to show you what I was gifted by a friend : a little piece of art in the form of a gingerbread ! It was handmade by Marketa Macudova, in Colmar, north eastern France.

It was very slightly damaged in transit (it was shipped to me) but all in all was pretty sturdy. Don't you think it's mind blowing ?! You can watch the artist do her art in the video below. I thought you'd like to see it.

Such dexterity, so much talent, it's just ... wow. Thanks so much Marie-Noëlle for such an incredible & generous gift ! (if you wonder, yes, we have eaten it, because beyond the beauty of this gingerbread, it is edible, and would have been silly to keep it & not eat it. It was delicious !)

Better go now. I wish you all a wonderful handful of last days of 2015. Not sure if I'll be able to post something before the new year.

Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for your comments & for your support this year & years past. I'm very grateful for your presence & your existence. Thank you.

much love & gratitude, always,