advent calendar 2015 - day 5 and day 6

Sorry for the little delay, but I could take photos of yesterday's activity this morning only (because of darkness).

On Saturday, the activity was baking a puff pastry (chocolate/hazelnut spread) christmas tree. It was easy, didn't require much at all, and well, that was a hit !

I had found the idea on Pinterest, and the recipe (well, just a few simple steps) can be found here. I'm sure you can adapt with jam or with savory spreads like pesto or tapenade, which can be such a great idea for the holidays meals !!! The photo above is minus the icing sugar we put afterwards, like on the remnants (from cutting a tree shape inside a circle), like below :

The remnants were eaten right away (well, after cooling off), and the tree itself was eaten yesterday for breakfast.

Yesterday's activity was bulding a cardboard "gingerbread style" house for Pitou our cat. I had saved many cardboard pieces, I had the tape & acrylic paint, so it basically cost me nothing. (yay) And Pitout loved it !

The roof is removable (and not that stable, actually !!)

The roof is removable (and not that stable, actually !!)

at the back of the house

at the back of the house

Today's Christmas music is brought to you by Bing Crosby & Doris Day ! Wonderful !

I hope you've had a lovely weekend, dear ladies (and gentlemen ?). Thank you for stopping by today !