advent calendar 2015 - day 7 and day 8

Yesterday's activity was to eat by candlelight ... I know, an easy one, but they were pretty happy to do so !

If you like candlelight, you'll be delighted by my sweet friend Sadie's post today "Dickens by Candlelight". Do yourself a favor & go read it, you'll love it.

And today's activity is not one, it is chocolate to eat ! (since Tuesdays are their busiest day at school) It's a rainy, gloomy day, so excuse the poor lighting. (fairy lights to the rescue !)

We aren't religious, but I couldn't resist this (well, with his twin ! One for each !) cute Saint Nicholas ! (the crochetted stone was made by Margie, of course)

Today's Christmas music is brought to you by the King ... you name him, Elvis Presley !

Thanks a lot for following our advent calendar on the blog ! Have a beautiful day !