my little Japan in Paris : the Tea Pavilion

I am not finished with sharing with you the weekend we went to Paris. (8/9th February) Today I'm taking you shortly to the Tea Pavilion of the Panthéon Bouddhique of Guimet Museum. The Panthéon bouddhique is a very small museum of Japanese & Chinese artworks. It is a wing of Guimet Museum, a much much bigger museum of Asian arts. (more on that later this week) There is a tiny garden in the Panthéon bouddhique, and in 2001, a Tea Pavilion was built, in which tea ceremonies are now performed (upon appointment).

I love the tones & the textures of this Tea Pavilion & its surroundings. It was built by Japanese craftsmen & carpenters. It felt both so weird & so nice to witness this in the heart of Paris ! The last photo was taken by (happy) accident. I love it so, so very much ! It has such a painterly feeling to it, with brush strokes and all ! ♥

I hope you've had a lovely weekend. School break is now over, and school day rhythm has resumed. Be well.



19 avnue d'Iéna, 75016 PARIS
Métro : Iéna (line 9)
Opening hours : everyday axcept Tuesdays : 10am - 5.45pm