alnus glutinosa

Earlier last week, hubby & I went to pick (common) alder cones. (what you can see on the photo below) I had already dyed with them, back in December 2011 (wow that feels like ages ago), so it felt great dyeing with them again, knowing I'd be getting different results for sure. I dyed 3 regular (cotton gauze) scarves, 1 MAXI, and again 3 regular ones that I modified with iron.

You can see them here, click the photos for enlarging them. From left to right : regular, regular - iron modified, MAXI.

Please always remember that I do my best for capturing the correct colors, but it oftens is a challenge (or a nightmare, you pick !) to achieve this ! This is the closest I can go to the actual colors. And saying this, colors vary from one screen to another, but I can't do anything about this !!

I have also dyed pieces of fabrics that I intend to use for making items for the shop. Speaking of the shop, I was obliged to switch to another layout since I realized that the photos in each product page required much better quality photos (because they spread all over the page) and it didn't look nice at all. Sorry about all the mess, but I think it still look good, and the photos are good as they are.

Here's a short video I recorded after the dyebath was ready, all strained, as I started soaking scarves and fibers in it.

I also had a tiny moment of creativity when I was dyeing. I had brought watercolor tools so I went for it & quickly did a little something, that you can see below. (right : wet / left : dry)

A bit childish, a lot imperfect, but when you've been suffering of creative (drawing or painting) block for years, anything will do !

If you want to have a quick (or longer) look at the scarves, they are here in the shop ! Thank you so much for stopping by today, for reading, for your interest, and for your comments, always !