behind the scenes

I started a dye session this past Sunday, at my mom's. My pot was large, and my electric heater (on my mom's balcony) was not that powerful in comparison : it never managed to boil. After spending most of the afternoon at it, the dye bath was of a light yellow color, which is not what I was aiming for. (for having dyed with this plant in the past). I was pretty disappointed on the moment, but decided to let the plant soak overnight, my mom heating it again the next morning. And I was right. The color diffused, and I reached what I was aiming for, and even darker, actually.

Can you see me ? Can you spot my mom too ?!

Final result of this first batch, drying on the photo. And a gratuitous photobomb of Mr Pitou, eheh ! Scarves should reach the shop in a couple of days, if not earlier, depending on when I can photograph them. There should have another batch, in a lighter tone, I hope. Keep an eye on IG or twitter if you're interested. I'll be blogging about them anyway so don't worry !

Be well ! And never give up too fast, and persevere, that the lesson of today !