week recap - March 14th-20th

I find these recap posts come faster & faster, I haven't seen this week go by ! (click to enlarge)

Tried to keep up with watercolors. I found out that tryong to paint Pitou in a quick way, gives pretty nice & interesting results. (see photo in the middle & photo to the left, below) Far from perfect, but it doesn't need to be perfect for being beautiful, or so I'm trying to convince myself now.

Finally finding time to make a calendar for my natural dyeings. After several years of experience now, I need to know when & where to pick materials. Done, now. / A precious stone that was a collaboration between two dear friends, Margie & Cathy. (who's just had a shop update a couple of days ago)

On my bedside table : a book about tenuguis made by the brand Kamawanu, and my favorite hand cream made from woad oil, by Graine de Pastel / Sending mail with cute stamps ... actually making myself a very early birthday gift from Land(e)scape shop, a fellow French shop / Yummy dessert.

Shipping the first scarf from the last batches (find them all here) / Eating miso soup made in the vintage Le Creuset pot that belonged to my parents / New beginnings ... these are ipomoea seeds.

Inspired by my dear friend Sadie, I've made cholocate dipped strawberries and also chocolate filled raspberries. That was YUMMY !

I hope your week was more prolific than mine ... though I haven't been lazy one bit. That'd be the subject of my next post ! Have a wonderful weekend !