week recap - March 21st-27th

Gee, another week has already passed ! I think I realize even better when typing these Week Recap posts !!! Oh my ! I hope you've had a great week. Nothing extraordinary here, just plain busy. Let's rewind ! (click to enlarge)

Last Saturday we went to an English pub, and in dessert we had sticky toffee pudding & loved it ! / I've been spending a couple of weeks sorting things out & re-organizing & stumbled upon this Liberty of London loyalty card, that I got in 2010 when visiting England / I also found this "old" (not so old) drawing/painting of mine, it represents flowers & leaves of Arbutus unedo (strawberry tree) that I've already used for dyeing.

While sorting, I also found these interesting stones, with great markings ! / I also found this textile piece that I had embroidered & sewn for my husband, as Christmas gift, back in 2008 (you can see it closer here) / I've been painting these fern looking foliages, to offer as thank you gift with outgoing orders !

The weather's been rather nice all week except a couple of days, during which it was pretty nice to drink a warm beverage ... / A lovely customer in Australia purchased this linen scarf (dyed with Osyris alba) & this ceramic necklace .... I thought it was a pretty great choice, I'd totally wear these two !

Prepared a birthday parcel / Drew this little drawing of Pitou late at night while waiting for hubby to come home from Paris ... where he bought all this Japanese food.

Also late at night (same evening) I painted these two little postcard size paintings. They made me realize that I have a very hard time doing layers, and getting "loose" (art/drawing wise) / Yesterday before preparing dinner I doodled these (also postcard sized) drawings (with Pentel pocket brush) & I loved these a lot, despite the short amount of time I spent doing them.

Today we had sunny quesadillas for lunch / I put up this Japan themed inspiration wall.

And misted my maiden hair fern, which looked like a tiny forest when seen up close. (not on this photo though)

I hope this weekend will be more productive (for me) than this week's been (well, not) so that I will have something to show next week.

I wish you all a very nice weekend ahead ! Thank you so much for stopping by ! Be well !!