week recap - March 01st-06th

You're maybe not following me on Instagram, so I thought I'd make you a recap of my week.

The weather's been great most of the week, very sunny, and a couple of days of violent winds.

You can click photos to enlarge.

As you can see, I've been trying to practice a little painting, here & there, but mostly yesterday & today. On Instagram, I'm sorting them all under the hashtag #deblockingmycreativeblock, so I can look back in a while & see my progress.

I've taken new photos of the necklaces available in the shop, so you can have an idea of what they look like when worn !

We've been out for picking dyeing material, as I said yesterday. We've stopped by Emmaüs charity shop & I scored these two mugs (for 2 euros), the owl one is so adorable !

Pitou is as sweet as can be. What a ham !

I've unearthed zines, the ones you see on the photo were made by Cathy Cullis, Jill Wignall & Lizzy Stewart. Will enjoy re-reading them this weekend !

I've received two books : a gorgeous one about Japan (here) & the other you might have heard of its English translation. (by Marie Kondo) I'm not entirely sold about her method, but I want to make myself my own opinion so I've bought the very recent French translation & I'll see !

I've brought a huge quantity of books (probably 50) back to the library & have not borrowed any. I want to read everything I've recently acquired & it could take me a long time.

How's been your week ? Great, I hope ! Want to share ?

Have a delightful weekend ahead, and thank you for your visit !