painting curtains on windows

The other day, I let you see a sneak peek of what I had done on my bedroom windows. Let me explain what it is & why I did it.

We are renters, and can't drill holes to hold curtains. Talk about privacy. Until a week ago, we had no neighbors in the building facing our bedroom windows. And the ones on the side were not too much of a problem (depending on the angles). So, I had to think about something I could do, possibly at no cost or almost none, and suddenly I had a bulb 💡 moment ! Painting on windows !! That's what I had to do ! I wanted to paint with something that wouldn't be too hard to remove, so I opted for simple white gouache paint. Here is what it looks like !

I used a q-tip for the dots & a simple paint brush for the foliages. You could paint whatever tickles your fancy. I had to paint the bathroom small window for the same reason, but I decided to do stripes, and it looks rather nice as well !

I know I could have used special window paint pens, they would have been thiner & the result would be thiner too, but they would have been more difficult to remove & I would have had to purchase them, so it was two reasons for me not to buy them. I went with the flow & embrace all the imperfections !

Do you know what it is as good as the paintings themselves ? The shadows they cast !!!

On the photo above, the sunlight was harsh, but when it is less, the edges of the shadows are more precise. Just lovely ! You can see one here that I took a photo of yesterday.

You could totally let your children paint on their bedroom windows, I've done that once as an Advent Calendar activity (see here), it had been very much fun, and could be done as a summer activity, when everyone's bored, ah !

Wishing you a lovely day today. The temps have dropped here, after a couple of summery temps (too early for me !), it's grey & I'm happy !