week recap - April 12th-17th

Yup, Friday already (or at long last ?! ahah !), time for this Week Recap ! I've decided to make a couple of "mosaics"/collages, it takes me fewer time to edit rather to save, resize etc each photo.

TOP : Pitou being cute, as usual (see his mouth ??!) / A new friend (plant) on the block, and I love it!
BOTTOM : the Celtis australis (European nettle tree) got all of its leaves out in a matter of a week, that's crazy ! / Pitou being adorable again

LEFT : leaf shadows on leaf painting & embroidery
RIGHT : Since I fell off the workout wagon a while ago (ahem), I've decided to get back to it with the help of this "Pilates Magic Circle". I've done it once already & boy, it hurt in each possible muscle of my whole body ! I'll do it again today & hope to do it very regularly.

The boys have been on school break for a week today (already). I managed to sneak two baking sessions, and they were pretty happy about it, so I'll be repeating this next week. Three photos on top show when we/they baked strawberry rugelachs. And the two at the bottom when we/they baked donut-style muffins (sugar & cinnamon coated). We eat these for breakfast.

I'll tell you in my next blog post, on Sunday, what has kept me busy and away from making anything from the shop. (nothing serious, don't worry)

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend ahead. Your visits, comments & likes have made me very happy, so thank you from the bottom of my heart !!