week recap -April 25th-May 01st

Can't believe the month of April went so fast. On the other hand, offline life was pretty full, so this explains !

Here's a recap of what happened since last Friday.

Lavender on my windowsill.
New wooden bento box I've recently acquired. So beautiful.
Branches & ripples in micro urban puddle.
Very fragrant & really big roses from my inlaws' garden.
Last Saturday I help my mother in law purging her clothes. We took 219 clothes off her wardrobe. Can you believe that ?
Pitou & balls of papers going to the recycling bin.

Last Monday, school break was over, and on Tuesday, thanks to my mom who took care of the boys, hubby & I went on a post-birthday day trip to Paris.

TOP : view from the train
BOTTOM : hubby / Books at the Japanese bookstore Junku.

TOP : good food from Japanese restaurant Kadoya / Strawberry cake & strawberry melonpan at Maki bakery (a Japanese/French bakery)
BOTTOM : a pretty sakura (cherry blossoms) noren (curtain) on display (not for sale), inside Maki bakery

TOP : another beautiful noren, from Aki restaurant
BOTTOM : circles & textures on a floor / Details of a door iron work

TOP : street art in Paris / Old store of La Samaritaine
BOTTOM : from the train, on our way back home

TOP : purchases from Paris : a (camelia) chawan & a bamboo whisk, tools for a proper matcha tea. (purchased at Kimonoya shop)
BOTTOM : wooden sake set (purchased at Cool Japan shop) & two gorgeous ceramic cups to add to my collection. (purchased at Ikat shop)

TOP : tabouleh & avocado slices / Local strawberries with the seal of approval of Food Inspector Pitou !
BOTTOM : sleepy head Pitou / Radishes !

Wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead ! Thanks for stopping by !