New zipped pouch : Cup and foliage n.1

Hello everyone ! I hope you had a lovely weekend, whatever you celebrated (or not). Mine was a mix of everything. Several movies watched at home with my guys, friends over on Saturday, bunch of cleaning & tidying, and the whole Monday at my inlaws' sorting books & things & planning a very serious purge. Anyway. Onto what brings me here today : a new zipped pouch in the shop !

This pouch was made with linen on the outside, that was naturally tie-dyed with Osyris alba. I appliquéed a cup with naturally dyed (with Arbutus unedo & iron) linen, and hand embroidered a foliage with naturally dyed (with immortelle flowers) silk thread. The zip puller is made of waxed cotton & a small ceramic bead handmade in South Africa.

I think there'll be other pouches in this series (Cup & foliage) that's why I numbered it. So this is the first.

I'm quite fond of this lovely, feminine zipped pouch, and I hope you will be too. You can read a little more details & see a little bit more photos in the shop itself. (or click the photos above to get there)

Thank you for your interest & for your visit !

Be well ! ox