support independant makers : Tilly Niel - LAND(e)SCAPE

It was my birthday over a month ago, and I had decided to treat myself with something beautiful made by someone talented. I like to wear earrings, so my choice went to earrings made by a French fellow, Tilly Niel, artist & owner of LAND(e)SCAPE. I chose a gingko leaves pair of brass earrings, and I love them so !

Aren't they just delightful ? They make me think of Art Nouveau (I loooove Art Nouveau !), which was inspired by natural forms & structures. Gingko being a symbol of resistance & strength, I didn't hesitate.

Tilly lives in a tiny village in Northern Aveyron. You can visit her beautiful journal for glimpses of her process, of her inspiration, or of her travels or daily life. Needless to say that she is a very sweet & kind lady !

She has an online shop that you can find here. That's where I purchased my earrings from. She is also a textile designer & doesn't make only brass jewelry, she also makes delicate textile pieces. (brooches or hairpins) 

I hope you will visit her universe if you didn't know her already !

+ journal
+ webshop
+ pinterest

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone !