Prafrance 2015 : ferns & the greenhouse

More photos of our day trip to Prafrance (botanical garden specialized in bamboos) back on April 22th. After the bamboos & the blooms in general, today I'll be sharing some photos about ferns & what I saw in the greenhouse.

Under the bamboos abundant shade, and along the little streams, ferns were aplenty. There were arborescent ferns, as old as fossils, they're actual living fossils, and it's simply mind blowing when you think about it.

one of the greenhouses, seen from the outside

one of the greenhouses, seen from the outside

In the greenhouses, the heat was already here (I can't imagine visiting the greenhouses in the summer, that must be a nightmare -to me-) & most of the cacti were blooming, and the succulents were beautiful as well.

Only two small sets of photos left from that day, and you'll have seen them all. I hope you like them.

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