new : Moody Blues storage bins

Thank you all to your support on previous post, I regret that so many of you &/or your child(ten) had to go through this as well. It actually breaks my heart.

I had my mind preoccupied by a problem adding to this first problem, and it bothered me for a couple of days. (and still does) So I tried to keep my hands busy in order to keep my mind busy.

So .... here are bukets of buckets ! (or storage bins or whatever you want to call them !) I used more fabrics from Geninne's designed line for Cloud9 : Moody Blues.

I have used the Mosaic print (left), the Butterfly print in navy (center, white will come in July), and the Cacti print (right). You can see them in details in the shop. They are sold as set of 2, one being slightly smaller than the other, but in the same proportions. All are lined with linen (natural/navy/red) & interfaced so that they can have a real structure.

I hope you will visit the shop for looking at them. More storage bins to be added soon, and next shop update will be the last until late July (vacation first half of July), so order soon if you plan to have them in July already.

Thank you for visiting !