week recap : June 13th-19th

For once, it is one of those weeks I could have done without. It's been a bad, disturbing week. There are some things I'm not ready to share here & that makes me feel that there was a life before last Monday & that it is another, different life since last Monday. A very weird feeling that I cannot explain here, or at least just now.

But it's time for another week recap, and happy photos can easily make up for less funny moments of the week. So here we go.

Pitou being his sweet self
Looking up from my bed last Saturday morning
Looking down in the doctor's office last Saturday morning as well (U had strep throat)

Three photos from the art / architectural events happening last weekend in Montpellier, and which we visited along with friends.

Pitou, my sweet little love, being adorable every second
Bounty of organic & local summer fruits & veggies, we're having loads of them these days !

A cracked wall on my way to U's school, that makes me think of raku ceramic
9pm rainbow, it was pretty unexpected
Morning light in the living room (Habitat Kilo table, brass dish from Morocco, branch & lotus heads)

Detail of a door spotted in town last Sunday
Drinking cold water with a dash of (drip) coffee instead of coffee, most of the time
Waiting at a café (until school time) after helping my youngest' class on Tuesday morning

Growing plant in the parking lot of the building. I saw an image of growth/change/evolution. Still looking for answers to find my way in the chapter of my life. (aka being the mom to a teen)
Trying to eat healthy these days. Some days are easier than others. This pink peach was a delight for the mouth & for the eyes !

If you missed it, I have added to the shop 3 sets of (2) storage bins made with Geninne's fabrics from Moody Blues line, yesterday !

Wishing you a lovely weekend. Thank you for being around this week, I really needed it.