last shop update until the end of July !

I've updated the shop for the last time until the end of July, vacations oblige. I will be shipping until the end of the week. (if you intended to place an order, you might want to know that !)

So what did I add to the shop today ? First, a new set of fabric storage bins, made with Liberty of London print "Susanna". I have decided to use as many L. of L. prints from my stash as possible, to make storage bins, or smaller things with the scraps. Unless otherwise stated (in their listing), each set will be made & sold once only. (by lack of fabric quantity !)

Then I also added two sets of 3 tiny original watercolors, which can be used as bookmarks or displayed like a tiny piece of artwork.

This one is the Aquatic set :

... and that one is the Earthy set :

Each set costs 10$ & ships for free (yes !) and are sold once only, since they're originals.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend. Thank you for your visit & interest !