week recap : June 20th-26th

This will be the last week recap until the end of July. My heart is a little heavy today as we're bringing Pitou the cats' hotel, where he'll be staying until July 13th. I know he'll be well taken care of, but I still feel very sad & will miss him very very much.

So these first photos are of him exclusively, my sweet little furry baby.

Then, more of last week's happenings, minus the beach photos that I already posted last Saturday.

TOP : I need some change of scenery when it comes to working out, as I lose motivation pretty fast. I have found this fun lady, Cassey Ho, on Instagram first, and she has many many videos of short exercises (some being quite intense, I must say), that you can find on her channel Blogilates here on Youtube. What I love about her is that she doesn't have a six pack, doesn't have a tigh gap, and is very much fun. (& motivating)
BOTTOM : new fitness shoes, at my precise size (35.5 EU / 3 UK / 5.5 US), and on sale ! Score. Whatever it will take to motivate me !

TOP : hot days, hot nights, and heatwave coming our way, and I'm NOT looking forward to it !!!
BOTTOM : new storage bins were added this week, as well as small watercolors. You can see them here. I will ship till tomorrow, otherwise orders will be shipped on July 13th, the shop remaining open.

TOP : watched a documentary on artist Jean-Michel Basquiat & loved it.
BOTTOM : on Wednesday, I became the mom of a teenager. How did I let that happen ?! Only very few of you knew me just before he was born.

I have made little buttons that you can see to the right, going to the main categories. I may add more as time allows. But right now, time is not my friend. So many things to juggle with these days.

I'm preparing all of our stuff for the upcoming vacations, and boy this is a job on its own. Trying to pack as small as possible, as few as possible, but not forgetting anything. We're going to Paris for 3 days (3 nights at the hotel) & then a week in a house we're renting. My mom's coming too. It will be fun, but dang, that's so much work & planning & organization before !!