weekend recap

Well I actually had enough photos from last Friday to yesterday to make a little recap before we go. It's pretty colorful, and full, just like life is right now ! Last day of school for my youngest today (11 in August).

I tried to do a little introspection, and found out that I was feeling mixed feelings, not because he was leaving this school where he's been the last 5 years, but because it means the end of an area, and in this case, the slow but sure end of childhood. Thank goodness he still is a bit childish so that I don't feel I have another moody teenage at home.

Freshly made bed. Taking advantage of this crazt heatwave for washing & washing & washing.
Myself, after haircut, and make up free, spontaneous selfie.
Prayer flags, because the world's going crazy these days.

Lemon verbena at my inlaws'. So incredibly fragrant, I need to get one for us !
Morning glory on my kitchen windowsill. Love them so much.
Succulent (and pretty color combo) at my inlaws'.

The only upside of not having Pitou home is to be able to have windows & shutters open wide, in the late evening & early morning, specially in this heat !
Distressed wall at my inlaws'.
Plam tree at my inlaws'.

Trying to figure which craft supplies to bring on our vacations. Silly but that's not so easy. (I still haven't made up my mind !!)
Doing some watercolor experiments. Trying to find a looser style, but my brain doesn't seem to like to let my hand do anything, and vice-versa ! Ugh !
Liking my palette more than my paintings LOL

Last "2nd cup back in bed before getting ready for school".
Heatwave. So over it. And it's not over !!
Pottery at my inlaws'. We stopped by yesterday, hence all the photos taken there !

Well, see how I can fill a whole post with photo material from two/three days only ?! I'm debating whether or not to post such recap post during our trip. I'll see.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're not yourself going through a heatwave. Stay cool !!