week recap : May 30th-June 5th

A little delay in posting this week recap, because Pitou (our cat) had a minor surgery yesterday & because it kind of messes with schedules & how you feel when your furry baby is not well. But he's now home, and the anaesthesic is over now (he's such a mess afterwards, poor baby !)

This week's been pretty busy also because hubby & I have been powerwalking (walking at random in town, discovering streets & areas, and walking a lot) instead of working out. So here are shots taken during these several power-walks this past week.

Now is also the time for summer fruits & summer meals ! Yay ! Organic & local apricots & cantaloupe just made their appareance on our table ! That's the upsides of living in a warm climate !

Summer also means summer flowers, and my first Morning Glories (ipomoea) just started blooming ! They are as special when they are wide open as when they are fading & dyeing away. Such a textile feeling to them.

And last but not least, I've been happily busy this week with some orders, which have felt so nice ! Thank you for always supporting my work !

I have added ceramic necklaces this week, if you missed them.

There are lots of other lovely things in the shop, that are perfect for summer, like light scarves & ceramic necklaces for your neck, happy paintings for your wall, zipped pouches of all sizes for your travels, fabric storage bins for your home ! Or all of them as gifts !

Today's my hubby's 40th birthday, so I better go, it's time to celebrate !!

Be well, and have a great weekend !