Helloooo, we're back !

Well hello everyone !

I know I say I'd be blogging while I was away, but I guess it was pure utopy ! I took many photos, mostly with my phone, but it would have been too much work to blog via my phone. So it's coming, now only !

Hubby taking a photo, he's on IG too.

Hubby taking a photo, he's on IG too.

To make long short, we stayed three days & a half in Paris, right at the moment of the heatwave. Very very bad timing. 39°C is NOT my cup of tea ! Thank goodness for air conditionning in hotel rooms, and in most museums. We hit one museum a day, which was nice ! Then we took another train to go to the Loire Valley. It was nice & lovely, and so much cooler at night !! What lovely cool nights we've spent there !

Now we're back home, even Pitou, to find that awful heat (still 36°C at 8pm, and doesn't go below 22 or 23°C at night outside & 26 or 27°C at night inside) This heat is really wearing out, I can't even work out, don't be surprised if in a matter of years we'll move more to the north !!

I've been instagramming all the way, and have still so many photos to share there. I should do a recap at some point. In the meantime, I hope you're all doing fine & enjoying the season. I am really behind visiting you all.