a week was not enough

I'm so slow sharing photos from our trip. Today I'm sharing photos of the house we rented for a week. Obviously, a week was not enough, and we all wish we could have stayed another one !

There was a lovely garden, from which we could see the point where the Loire river & the Vienne river meet. It was so nice !

Weathercocks were something very common there, and this was in the garden.

A bunch of dice games were played ! Action shot, ah !

The house's owners had decorated with lots of taste & wit. Do you see where these come from ? (they are used as hooks in the kitchen now)

Lots of antiques, I think the owners love antique shopping !

We were greeted by some lovely small wild roses when we arrived. Sweet.

This was in the garden. We sure miss having a garden. Sigh.

There was a ping pong table, and let me tell you that it was very much played !! My youngest was there every minute he could, and since I love ping pong, I was there often as well !

There were paintings in every room, but I liked this one best.

Lots of pieces to observe & look at. I loved this hand, for instance.

More from the garden. Hubby used to sit on that large piece of wood to drink his morning coffee. Hollyhocks grow e-be-ry-whe-re, in every street, in every garden ! So pretty !

See ! Hubby with his coffee !

This photo was taken from the kitchen, looking out at the garden's terrace. This is my mom, enjoying the outdoor. The kitchen was rather nice !

Yes, clearly, a week was not enough.

If you want more infos about this house, click here. I hope you enjoyed the tour.