I'm dreaming of ...

(a white Christmas, but not today, ah!)

Hubby & I are having a lot of "projects on the moon", these days, in our minds only. I think we've come to a point in our lives when we really want to make some things happen. We're investigating about the best town we could move to, in a year or two. (yup, probably not before a whole year)

The first two major steps will be to sell both my parents' houses (one was inherited, the other they lived in, until my father passed away) Nothing at all will happen until these will be sold.

The others will be to find the perfect place, that will meet several factors (size, location, proximity with the boys' schools & possible work place for hubby, price etc) We have never bought a house, so when this will happen, it will be quite THE milestone for us, let me tell ya !

Until then, I'm dreaming. A lot. Thinking about things. A whoooooole lot. Useful things, futile things, crazy things, my brain doesn't have a moment to rest. And this doesn't really improve my sleeping these days ...

So if you wonder what I'm dreaming of, let me tell you ... I'm dreaming of :

  • a house with a garden, to grow flowers like aliums, love-in-the-mist, flowers or plants for dyeing
  • a house with a garden, where we can eat outdoor & picnic on the grass
  • a house with a garden, where I can relax in a deckchair, a glass of lemonade in one hand, a book in the other
  • a house with an outdoor, so that I can dye outside (why not having a little shed for it)
  • a place where I'm not obliged to close the shutters (we have wooden shutters on most windows, in France) half of the day because it's too hot, during 4 months of the year. (on a side note, living closed shutters, therefore in the darkness, is not really funny or practical, unless you want to sleep/nap)
  • a place where I can still eat chocolate in the summer (June to September included) -because it melts in our closets, here-
  • a place I can sleep at night because it's not too hot, because I'm not obliged to sleep with wide open shutters & windows, and where people don't yell at any moment of the night in the streets
  • a town where streets don't smell like human pee & dog/cat pee/poo from the day the temps are warm
  • a town where I don't think everyone is crazy & disrespectful
  • a place where I feel like working out because it's not too darn hot all the time (believe me, it is SO NOT motivating to work out when it's 28-29°C (82-84°F) indoors most of the time ! I'm not a runner nor a swimmer, and I want to work out at home.
  • a place where I'm not constantly wishing for the rain
  • a place where nature/a garden gets showered almost naturally, where grass is green & where having flowers is not such an anti-ecological luxury (like here)
  • a place where I won't sweat like crazy from the moment spring is over
  • a place where sunscreen is almost unnecessary
  • a place where it's actually cozy to live in (because hot is not cozy)
our neighbors (also our landlords)'s terrace as seen from my youngest son's bedroom

our neighbors (also our landlords)'s terrace as seen from my youngest son's bedroom

Do you think I'm asking for too much ? I don't think so. I think it is doable. I won't lie, we have a town on our minds ... but for the moment ... shhhhhh.

Coincidentally, it is stormy AND raining today, it's the first real rain of the season, and we're halfway August ... can you feel my pain ?

a perfect day for burning candles & pretending it's autumn already !

a perfect day for burning candles & pretending it's autumn already !

Don't take me wrong, we're grateful for the things we have here, but we are more than aware that for less than the (very expensive) rent we're paying here, we could have a house elsewhere, with the things we've always dreamt of (yes, a garden among other things), and without all the things we now can't stand (heat & noise, mostly).

Thanks for listening to my daydreaming ...