week recap : August 7-14th

Oh wow, it's been quite a while since my last "week recap" post ! I'll blame the summer holidays.

Let's start with my sweet Pitou ! Chilly or unbearably hot, he's just the same sweet lil boy. I wish I could be the same, but it's just plain impossible.

LEFT, TOP to BOTTOM : yakisoba (Japanese noodles) made at home with ingredients bought in Paris / Momo, a kind of peach liqueur, more like a peach flavoured sake (but yummy !) / our dessert the other day : mirabelle plums, two Mazafati fresh dates (organic & fair-trade) & a piece of the banana bread I had baked the day before.
RIGHT : hubby & I have been drinking smoothies as dinner, many times these last two weeks. This one, for instance, was made of vanilla flavored soy milk, bananas, blueberries, ice cubes & a dash of maple syrup, all being organic.

LEFT, TOP to BOTTOM : some doodles I've made recently.
RIGHT, TOP to BOTTOM : a little watercolor inspired by Acer monspessulanum leaves / a paper cut I've made years ago & that I have unearthed the other day.

TOP : this past week I have taken care of the boys' school supplies. I ordered half online, and went to a local, independant store for the other half / I have ordered a "pro" pencil sharpener & wonder why I waited for so long, being the stationnery geek that I have always been ! The boys go back to school on the first days of September, but I wanted to be super organized this year. I'm pretty happy & proud it's all behind me. Only a couple of labels to be made, otherwise we're good to go !
BOTTOM : all the Country Living (UK) magazines & Victoria magazines covers that I had been been saving for years. Time had come for me to sort them one last time. I kept what was susceptible to inspire me or help me, and I threw the rest. It felt a bit weird, but I can't possibly keep such things for ever & ever. No regret.

TOP : the stormy day we've had yesterday ... which took us to the English pub (Carling, cheddar chips, bangles and mash ...)
BOTTOM : that was the perfect day for lighting candles & pretending it was autumn / today the sun has come back (of course, rainy days never last long here) but thank goodness the temps have dropped !

I wanted to thank you all for your thoughtful comments yesterday. I know that nothing will obviously happen until a whole year. That will certainly teach us patience. And besides there are SO many things that need to be done before any move can happen. Maybe that'll be the subject of another post.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Be well.