food for thought

My/our dreams (please refer to last Thursday's post, if you don't see what I'm talking about) of a future house have given me food for thought. A whole lot. From kids & schools, to the moving day with Pitou or the car (how will we be able to do that, uh ?!). Anyway. This is so far away, and even, we simply don't know when on earth it will happen. But. I digress.

When I think about moving, it instantly makes me wonder if we'll be moving 100% of what's in our appartment right now. See what I mean ? Time to let some pieces of furniture go (sell them ? give them away ?) in order to get some new ones (or second hand ones, that's not the question), once all moved in. (and therefore have fewer things in the moving truck !) So yes, I think I'm ready to let some things go (actually more than I originally thought), and if I want to replace them (by new ones or not), it will cost money. (in addition to the whole moving awful & dreadful expenses)

It's been inspiring me to have a real questionning about what we really would like to move with us, and what we'd prefer not to take with us. Less is more, do you see what I mean ? Some pieces of furniture might even not be replaced at all. And on the other hand, if we ever get to have a garden (fingers crossed), there will be inevitable expenses like outdoor furniture, plants & pots etc. In a word, lots of expenses ahead. (I'm thinking about changing the boys' beds when moving, as well as our sofa ... plus it will all depends on the house/place's surface !)

I'm more than ever ready to control my expenses, to use more of what I have (which should impact the expenses) in many domains of my/our life/ves (books, shop supplies, food, clothes etc). It may not be much at all. But you know, one euro here & two euros there & five euros there, amounts can go pretty fast.

It might sound or feel very far away (one year ? two years ? who knows ? not me !), but we all know from experience that years go by VERY fast (last school year felt like the fastest ever, as far as I'm concerned !), and some things don't get done in a minute, not even a day a week or a month. The earlier the better.

And it also made me think that we totally should be enjoying the places & the things we know & love here while we can, and of course the people we will leave behind if/when we move away. Go to all our favorite places all over again. It sounds very rejuvinating to me. Refreshing. Reminding you to live in the moment. A bit melancholic too, I admitt. But no change goes without sacrifices or a little sadness.

And on a side note, it needs to boost me to have us all here be up to date in all the health areas, and stop procrastinating.

After all this chitchat, you must be bored to death, I'm so sorry. This blog of mine is also a way for me not to talk to myself aloud, or to simply to put words on feelings or ideas, so that I can move forward, and maybe help someone else at the same time.

Thanks so much for stopping by today & reading me. You are stars !