keeping the site fresh & clean

I feel the need to re-arrange things here on the site, on a regular basis, otherwise I find that things always remain the same & gather cobwebs. So I have once again changed the layout (that's the geek in me). I hope you will find your way, and if you have any question or trouble while browsing, please feel free to contact me.

This is how it looks when on a computer. I know it looks different on mobile devices, where the menu hides to the right side of the screen.

I hope you like it as much as I do. Concerning the blog, since there is no right side column (impossible with this template), I have created a page named "BLOG CATEGORIES", where you can find several ways to browse the blog : by calendar, by category or by month.

And if you are new to the blog / site / Cozy Memories in general, why not reading the "ABOUT" page, that's a good starting point !

I hope you've had a lovely weekend. It was stormy but not so rainy in Montpellier, but perfectly cozy anyway ! Thank you for your visit !