week recap : September 12th-18th

Oooooh, another week flew by ! Let's see ...

- preparing orders are a favorite of mine ! You always get one or two extra somethings !
- autumn slowly but surely arriving ... this pear found its place ! (in ma belly ha !)
- the black & blue foliage little watercolor is still available (at a super mini price) here
- finding beauty in these rhododendron leaves, at my inlaws'

- inspired by blue this week's shop update
- finding beauty & botanical inspiration ... in the parking lot
- maybe one of the last (local & organic) cantaloupe of the season
- had one very sweaty workout session & I was proud of myself

the lastest tenugui on display in our bedroom, to mark the transition between summer & autumn
The Great Squatter of the Ironing Board, that's what Pitou is ! LOL

Other than that, this week ...

- redesigning the shop (spending many hours on it)
- making the stamped cards, a wee shop update
- hubby twice in Paris
- hair cuts, class photo for both my sons
- teachers strike yesterday & absent teachers, therefore the beginning of weird school schedules
- muggy & cloudy weather most of the week
- chillier mornings (yay at last)

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend ahead ! Make the most of it !