'twas the peak of heather season

When visited Mont Aigoual two weeks ago, we arrived right on time for peak of heather season. We were pretty lucky to be there at that moment, earlier we wouldn't have seen them, later & we wouldn't have seen them neither. It was such a beautiful sight to see, splashes of mauve amongst the golden dry fields !

Heather honey is a highly valued product. It has a characteristic strong taste & unusual texture.

Heather flower symbolizes admiration & good luck, and is believed to have protective powers. It can also be used for natural dyeing, but the area over there (Cévennes National Park) is a protected area & picking anything is strictly prohibited.

On a side note, now both my boys have started school again, and it all went well, I'm very happy. New year, new schedules, and I think I'll manage to find more hours for proper work. My youngest starts earlier than before, therefore my work sessions too. May it be a prolific year for everyone !