week recap : September 19th-25th

Sorry if I didn't post much this week. I got busy for the shop update, then got carried away by other offline things. There are weeks like that ... A little recap is in order !

- Trying to eat as much summer local organic goodness as we can. Tomatoes, cantaloupes, and more.
- I have hardly done as many loads of laundry as this week. Taking advantage of the warm & dry weather this week for changing all bed linens (and putting the duvets back on ! yay !), washing the pillows, etc. I also took advantage of my very bad mood yesterday (for various reasons + PMSing) for sorting the boys' wardrobes (they grow so fast, don't they ?!), and purging my bed linen closet as well. LOTS has been packed for giving away. I feel doubly good about it.
- Stair case in my building
- Wall in my street

Yesterday was my beloved mom's birthday ! We celebrated it on Wednesday because we had more time for enjoying it (boys are off school in the afternoon). So we baked together (her & I) a tarte tatin, that we savoured with homemade chantilly cream, and a scoop of French made artisan ice cream. It was delicious & we all had a fabulous time. I'm her only child, so who will take care of her (birthdays included) if not me ?!!

I moved my sewing machine to a brighter spot of the apartment, and that's where I sewed all the lovely homewares that I have added to the shop this past Wednesday ! Storage bins, coasters & a mini Crafter's Kit, making the SIMPLICITY line bigger. (organic cotton chambray & organic cotton twill) You can see them here !

Nothing much more to add for today. The blog's been so quiet. Sometimes it does make me sad, I must say.
All those bloggers (friends) that used to be, at some point. And so many have gone, have stopped, or don't take the time anymore. Blogging is not a priority for me, I must tell you (in case you ever wondered), but I have always made time for it, in the good and in the tough moments of my life.

I just hope that not everyone will be too much seduced by the appeal of Instagram's express posting. I've been on Instagram for many years now & it has not stopped me from blogging. (there, I said it) Because blogging is just not the same, it's higher quality content. (in my opinion)

Have a glorious weekend ! ☀️