I joined Jill's Drawing Club

Over a week ago, my friend Jill decided to create an Instagram account for a fun little project : a drawing club. I decided to join !

Here's how it works : she gives a theme every Monday, and participants have the whole week for drawing and/or painting something on the subject. The first theme (last Monday) was autumn, and I was able to do it on Sunday only, eek !

Watercolors and brush pen

Watercolors and brush pen

This week's theme was "My Treasured Things". I first thought it'd be a tough one, but after giving a little thought, I decided that my treasured things were my Japanese ceramic cups ! So here's a drawing/painting of four of them.

pencil & watercolors

pencil & watercolors

Above is a close up on two of my favorite cups ! I didn't outlined them, I thought it was better to leave them as is.

I think this club is a great project & a lovely initiative ! It is not pretentious, and gives everyone a chance. I first thought I'd didn't manage to make the time for it. First week almost was that way, but this week I was determined to make it happen before the day of the next theme ! LOL

If you want to join the Club, you need to be on Instagram, and then tag your finished artwork with #jillsdrawingclub hashtag.

I hope to see you there !

Thanks Jill for the creative boost !