simple Sunday // white on white

I love flowers. I prefer to see them grown in the wild. I even pick dry stems & flowers or plants, and have quite a bunch at home. But when I buy fresh flowers, I usually go for carnations. (Dianthus caryophyllus in Latin)

I love carnations. They're modest flowers. They're easy to find & relatively inexpensive, come in many colors, and are really understanding flowers, when it comes to change their water ! And, the huge bonus is that they last for ages ! And each time I buy these (I didn't buy any fresh flowers for months & months, then bought red carnations before Christmas), they have many offshoots, which my mom plants either on her little balcony, or at my grandpa's. You have even more for your money !! So frugal & earth-friendly !

The last little bouquet of carnations I bought was a white one. It lasted for three weeks. Three weeks !! Can you believe that ?!

White in January feels like a clean slate. It mimics the snow we probably will never get this year. They look like fluffy little tutus, which had to their natural charm !

I read somewhere that white carnations represent pure love & good luck. I'm totally ok with these !!! :)

Do you currently have fresh flowers at home ? Which kind do you prefer ? Do you like carnations too ? I'd love to know !

Wishing you a lovely end of your weekend !