beauty in decay / adiantum capillus-veneris

Last week, as I was removing dry stems from my maidenhair fern { in latin Adiantum capillus-veneris } (yes, still alive since I got it at the beginning of last year, but it had once to be cut to the minimum, then had a re-birth !), I noticed how beautiful these dry stems still were. I couldn't bear to throw them away, and still haven't, actually ! I was inspired to take some macro photos of some of them, and then to share them here.

Their golden delicacy ... their poetic semi-translucence ... the lovely shape of each leaf ... I wonder if they are actually not more beautiful than their green, freshly born fellows !

I channelled my inner Mary-Jo & had lot of fun. I did my best, but don't have the pricey version of Photoshop, so the shadows are still there, but - I love these nontheless.

You need to go slow & observe, in order to notice. Their beauty is best appreciated when slow living. It doesn't really match the fast-living world we're living in.

So go slow, enjoy every second of your life, every aspect of your life. Even in decay or in dark situations you can see something beautiful or good. Every yin has its yang.

Peace to you all.



PS : I have decided to go back to Disqus commenting service. I have had too many persons letting me know they couldn't comment, and I'm not ok with that. So, I hope noone will have problem commenting here anymore. Thanks so much for your understanding.