Life lately

I quite will remember November 2016. We've had major plumbing problems, health problems (hubby), car problems, computer major problems ... all have been solved except the computer one (the hard drive imposed !! And I had done no back up .... I let you imagine my despair) ... I'm still waiting for news about the computer though.

We've also been to the (plant) nursery to get some small shrubs to put in the hedges, to replace dead ones. And we also go some plants, and of course you know how happy this has made me since I'd been without a garden for almost 20 years ! I'm trying to go slow, and don't want to over do it though.

Here are some photos from the local nursery we've been to, and where we'll go back many times for sure !!!

At the nursery ... 🌿 

At the nursery ... 🌿 

Rainy outside, cozy inside

Rainy outside, cozy inside


Weather's being pretty awful right now. Very stormy, rainy, windy ... not fun.

I'm using a laptop we have, but I can check my emails (& reply) on my phone only (but, thank goodness). So please bear with me if you've been waiting for a reply. I do my best.

Just wanted to remind you that till the end of the month (which is very soon), shipping is free for orders over $40 with code FREEOVER40 !


I'm juggling with phone & laptop for adding photos to this post. Thank goodness for blog app on phones !

Thanks a lot for your visit, please don't be shy & say "hi" if you're stopping by, I'd love to say "hi" back and return the visit if you have a blog too !