to the rescue

On Sunday morning, after having breakfast, I went back to bed for a little relaxing. Hubby was away but the boys were home with me. I heard a bang, which I first thought was my youngest playing with a soft (fabric) ball, and that it had hit the bay window. The second after I realized it was a bit too hard a sound for being that soft ball, so I got up & checked the three bay windows. Outisde of one, was lying on the ground, face down, a little bird. I was so surprised, I first didn't recognize which kind of bird it was. Right away I gave a call to hubby for a brilliant idea of what to do immediately, and he told me to wear gloves, grab him/her, and put him/her on a high surface (a wall or something) and we decided that I put it on the roof of the garden shed.

I put my garden gloves & went back to the bay window. I suddenly realized it was a poor little robin who was lying on the ground next to me. My goodness, my heart went into pieces. I delicately grabbed him/her, called my eldest for helping me set the ladder because I was clearly too short for reaching the roof of the garden shed ! He helped me, and I softly laid him/her upon the roof. That spot of the roof was still in the shade but soon enough the sun was out and warming those little wings & little body.

Poor little robin was knocked out, in shock, and very slowly recovering. I was so worried that he/she wouldn't make it. But I could see he/she was breathing. But it was such a sad thing to see him/her with closed eyes !

I thought about go grabbing my camera, and get some macro photos done. Just a side note, Pitou (our cat) was indoors, quietly sleeping on the bed, thank goodness. I came back & snatched several ones. Actually, the noise of the shutter closing woke him/her very much. I had my phone in my pocket & was recording a video when all of a sudden .... he/she flew away ! Yes ! It felt like a tiny victory, so much joy of seeing him/her go !

You can see the video here.

Never in my life I had held a bird in my hands, and what a special moment it was, I will always remember it !

Thanks for visiting ! I hope you enjoyed the photos, the little story & its happy ending !