Advent calendar 2016 - day 9, 10 and 11

Activity on day 9 of our Advent Calendar was making a little winter scene with coarse salt & store bought little characters, and adding twigs from a plant in the garden to make little tree. We chose stems of lavender, which funnily look like palm trees (that we have in our garden too).

Activity on day 10 was "Snowball Toss". I used a white fabric I had in my stash, and corn that was beyond its "best use before" date ... and I made four white bean bags, supposedly looking like snowballs. My eldest didn't even touch them, maybe because my youngest couldn't stop playing with them (with me) ! He's 12 but still loves these kinds of games. We threw the bean bags at each other in a play/fight kind of way, he loved it ! (and so did I !) It was like an actual snowball fight LOL

Activity on day 11 (today) was baking pop tarts. Not the industrial crappy kind. The homebaked from scratch, with organic ingredients exclusively. We used strawberry jam, but we can't wait to use different kinds of fillings ! It was our first time baking them, and even though it kind of takes much time for making them (preparing the dough beforehand), we'll be making more !

They were truly delicious & there are many left for breakfast tomorrow, yay !!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are doing fine & having a lovely December.