Advent calendar 2016 - day 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16

Oops, this week litterally slipped away ! Here's a recap of these last five days !

Day 12 (Monday), school day : a chocolate covered gingerbread man !

Day 13 (Tuesday), aslo a school day : a chocolate lollipop ...

Day 14 (Wednesday, off school, but we went to the hairdresser's & were away from home half of the day) : Make-a-Flake on the computer : you can virtually cut paper snowflakes ! It's suepr fun, no matter the age (very young or really old LOL), and is a perfect activity on a rainy/snowy/sick day. You can find the link { here }.

Day 15 (Thursday), also a school day : a mini chocolate bar (hey, who said we were addcited ?! I heard you !!!! LOL)

Day 16 (today, Friday), again a school day, but school holiday just started tonight ! So it was "making bagel pizzas" for diner ! Obviously we didn't make the bagels themselves. Simply toasted, then a little tomatoe sauce (with basil), little dices of mozzarella, dried herbs, and shredded Swiss cheese. Then in the over for 10mn.

Here are some more photos for you ...

First, Pitou in his double decker basket, by the Christmas tree.

Then a little corner on our table. The folded book tree was made during a past Advent Calendar (last year or the year before), the crochet covered stone was made by Margie, and the little brass fawn was gifted by my friend Nanou.

Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead ! Thanks for your visit !